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Dr. Vibe’s

Reciprocal Review Carousel Article

Gets Google High Page Rank


The fact is I need an AI Audiobot that I can program to go find out everything on my “should do and followup list.” Then report back to inform and remind me of all of the 101,000 things I should do and followup on every new day, as a work-a-day affiliate netpreneur, who hasn’t joined the ranks of the guru rich and famous, with unlimited funds to source out every time-consuming task, I end up having to do myself. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day for traffic generation and article writing, publishing, and submission. Period. Wah. What a whiner! -Dr. Vibe

I got curious this morning as to how well my latest article: Traffic Generation: Reciprocal Review Carousel was ranking. Now I admit to being guilty as charged when it comes to…  Read More