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Traffic Generation Strategies:

Three Easy Ways To Making Your First Sale

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Picture this. You’ve just got your very first website or blog set up. You get really excited and you can’t wait to have people coming in and purchase your products. However, when you check your website statistics the very next day, you found out that no one has visited your site. You didn’t really mind since it was only your first day. But as days and weeks passed, you start to get irritated as to why only a measly number of people have been coming in to your site and confused as to why you’re not getting any money.

Have you considered and implement these easy ways to generate traffic?

1. Article Marketing

Articles are very important because it is like the first impression you’d like to potray to the person who is reading your article. When you create articles, you give people the opportunity to read what you have to offer to them. What happens is when people read your articles and you leave a good impression on them, they will click on your link and head down to your website.

If you’re not so big on content creation or that you’re just plain lazy, the best thing to do is to get someone to write articles for you. Outsource your work to other freelancers available online.

2. Search Engine Optimization

Have you submitted your site to search engines yet?

If you have done so, good for you. However, for search engines to find your site effectively, you have to make your site effective to be found. This is where search engine optimization strategies come in. Search engines look for keywords in your site and matches that to the words the visitors type into search engines.

One strategy is to create META Tags in your HTML. This strategy works because search engine “robots” target the META tags of your website to match up with what your visitors are looking for. To generate META tags, there are a lot of free META Tag generation services. Once you have the HTML code for it, simply copy and paste it onto your website’s HTML.

3. Forum Marketing

Many people do not realise this, but forum marketing is actually a very powerful strategy. What you should do is to search for forums that are related to what you are selling. Join some of these forums and participate in the discussion. However, do not advertise in your forum posts, or you will get banned from it.

To drive traffic to your website, you have to place a link of your website in your signature. Your signature will appear at the bottom of your posts, so every time you post valuable advice or comments, people will read it. They will then notice your website link and head on down to your website to find out more about you. Interesting isn’t it?

These three simple strategies is what you should focus on to generate traffic. Even successful Internet gurus implement these strategies, because they have been proven to get tons of traffic and sales. Do not look so far as to how to get traffic. It is not as complicated as most beginners in Internet marketing make it out to be.


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