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101 Ideas to Write About
In Your Money Making Blog

1. Your own goals and plans.
2. Introductions of the money making programs you have joined.
3. Nice introductions of some other blogs with the same theme.
4. Your own version of how to increase traffic.
5. How AdSense works.
6. How to syndicate your blog with RSS.
7. Opening an offer for a link exchange.
8. How bloggers make money from their blogs.
9. How Blog Carnivals works.
10. How to research keywords for better search engine optimization.
11. Holding your own contest.
12. How Technorati works.
13. Surprises you find happening to your blog during the week.
14. How to increase traffic through ezines.
15. What blog communities to join.
16. What money making programs you think are just scams.
17. Reports of your blog’s earnings.
18. If you buy a product or service, write a testimonial about it.
19. A list of directories to submit your blog to.
20. Start a poll to let your readers contribute to your blog.
21. Write an extensive list like this one that people can’t resist linking to.
22. What’s new about the money making ‘celebrities’.
23. What to do and not to do when starting a money making blog.
24. Once in a while, write something controversial about a product, an affiliate program, or even a good website.
25. If you just happened to have a baby, be totally excited about it in
your blog (ok, it might not be relevant, but it’s a good way to get
more sympathy from your readers.)
26. Tips on how to write better.
27. It’s important to be honest to your readers. If you’re not happy
with the way the money making goes, express it openly and let your
readers know.
28. What to do and not to do with traffic exchange programs.
29. What ‘Ping’ is and how it works.
30. If you have an especially loyal visitor, dedicate a whole post about him/her. And don’t ask for anything in return!
31. Write about the blogs that have mentioned yours.
32. If you’re starting another blog, tell your readers about it.
33. If you’ve been blogging for quite some time, start criticizing new blogs and point out what they’re doing wrong.
34. Your own version of saying that content is king.
35. How to optimize AdSense.
36. A bit on SEO advice.
37. Whenever it’s a holiday, take advantage to write something about it, but make sure it’s related to your money making topic.
38. Have an exchange of anything (other than link) every once in a
while. Ask your readers to do something and promise them you’ll do the
same. It could be anything from Digg to Technorati favorite exchange.
39. Any marketing tips.
40. Alternative ways to make money online.
41. Offer your readers to do a review of your blog.
42. Interview a fellow blogger through email and then post it in your blog.
43. Ebay tips.
44. Something interesting about the blogs you’ve just read.
45. Any informative knowledge on Page Rank.
46. If you have doubts about any new money making programs, tell your readers and have them back you up.
47. Something about not giving up.
48. How to do link baiting the right way.
49. Ways to increase Alexa rank.
50. How to find your niche.
51. Proofs of your earnings.
52. Give your readers a break and write about something hilarious even if it’s way off topic.
53. What viral marketing is and how it works.
54. How to put Technorati tags on your posts to increase your traffic.
55. Any tips and tricks on Blogger’s layout.
56. How to install a counter to your blog.
57. How to use Google Analytics.
58. An invitation to join your blog community.
59. If you’ve had a previously popular post, write about how you came up with the idea.
60. How to write and publish your own ebook.
61. Your stand on Agloco. Whether you join it or not, it’s always appropriate to write something about it.
62. Where and how to find inspirations.
63. How to get more people to subscribe to your RSS.
64. The importance of being original.
65. How to include your personality in everything you write about.
66. The fast way to get your blog indexed by Google and Yahoo.
67. How to drive more traffic to your blog by using video and podcasting.
68. How you can manage to find time writing for your blog in spite of your endless daily activities.
69. Whatever you’ve achieved with your blog, tell your readers how you managed to do it.
70. Tools to optimize your affiliate revenue.
71. How social bookmarking works.
72. How to write catchy headlines.
73. How you can use Flickr to increase traffic.
74. How to set up your own About Me page.
75. How to open your own digital store-front for free.
76. Why it’s important not to monetize your blog too soon.
77. Go look for some interesting downloads and share the links.
78. Brag about your achievement in a humorous way.
79. Where to get cool widgets for your blog.
80. Your thoughts on MLM.
81. How JV works.
82. A list of mistakes young blogs should avoid.
83. How to use news aggregators to find ideas.
84. The importance of having multiple streams of income.
85. How to participate in forums effectively.
86. How to use offline advertising to promote your blog.
87. Blatant pleads asking for donation. (Some people actually do this.)
88. Do some keyword research and share your findings.
89. Do a case study of a successful blog/website.
90. How to monetize your RSS feed.
91. How to create a Squidoo Lens.
92. How to optimize your blog for fast loading.
93. Tips on promoting your affiliate products using classified ads.
94. Tips on promoting your affiliate products using ezine articles.
95. How to know when it’s the right time to get your own domain.

96. How autoresponders work and how to set up a squeeze page.
97. If you receive an interesting comment, dedicate a new post about
it. It will encourage your readers to comment more creatively.
98. What you must not do to avoid getting banned by AdSense.
99. Curse spammers.
100. What to do and not to do with blog comments.
101. Create your own version of 101 ideas to write about.

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