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with Web 2.0 Value

Part One


I have been out visiting every major and minor traffic generating blog site that has jumped onto the Reciprocal Review Carousel Social Linking bandwagon. And the thing that least impresses me about how it is being done is that every blog site owner is cloning the process almost verbatim from Alex’s How to original article. Then it hit me…like a ton of Idaho potatoes (Try buying a sack of genuine Idaho potatoes in Idaho… french fry thin chance of that…Bubba)

Hopefully that got your attention. Now you’re in sweet anticipation. What did Dr. Vibe Discover? But first…

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Dr. Vibe’s

Reciprocal Review Carousel Article

Gets Google High Page Rank


The fact is I need an AI Audiobot that I can program to go find out everything on my “should do and followup list.” Then report back to inform and remind me of all of the 101,000 things I should do and followup on every new day, as a work-a-day affiliate netpreneur, who hasn’t joined the ranks of the guru rich and famous, with unlimited funds to source out every time-consuming task, I end up having to do myself. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day for traffic generation and article writing, publishing, and submission. Period. Wah. What a whiner! -Dr. Vibe

I got curious this morning as to how well my latest article: Traffic Generation: Reciprocal Review Carousel was ranking. Now I admit to being guilty as charged when it comes to…  Read More


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Traffic Generation:

Reciprocal Review Carousel


I must get out of my virtual domain more! I’m working so hard on basics I have been remiss in visiting some of my favorite blogs and completely missed an exciting traffic generation technique that has so much potential–it will be an ongoing permanent feature of Dr. Vibe’s Easy Net Profits Blog. So how do you make it work for you?  More…

Featured Writer: Jo Han Mok

Traffic Generation Strategies:

Three Easy Ways To Making Your First Sale

Copyright © 2007 Jo Han Mok

Picture this. You’ve just got your very first website or blog set up. You get really excited and you can’t wait to have people coming in and purchase your products. However, when you check your website statistics the very next day, you found out that no one has visited your site. You didn’t really mind since it was only your first day. But as days and weeks passed, you start to get irritated as to why only a measly number of people have been coming in to your site and confused as to why you’re not getting any money.

Have you considered and implement these easy ways to generate traffic?

1. Article Marketing

Articles are very important because it is like the first impression you’d like to potray to the person who is reading your article. When you create articles, you give people the opportunity to read what you have to offer to them. What happens is when people read your articles and you leave a good impression on them, they will click on your link and head down to your website.

If you’re not so big on content creation or that you’re just plain lazy, the best thing to do is to get someone to write articles for you. Outsource your work to other freelancers available online.

2. Search Engine Optimization

Have you submitted your site to search engines yet?

If you have done so, good for you. However, for search engines to find your site effectively, you have to make your site effective to be found. This is where search engine optimization strategies come in. Search engines look for keywords in your site and matches that to the words the visitors type into search engines.

One strategy is to create META Tags in your HTML. This strategy works because search engine “robots” target the META tags of your website to match up with what your visitors are looking for. To generate META tags, there are a lot of free META Tag generation services. Once you have the HTML code for it, simply copy and paste it onto your website’s HTML.

3. Forum Marketing

Many people do not realise this, but forum marketing is actually a very powerful strategy. What you should do is to search for forums that are related to what you are selling. Join some of these forums and participate in the discussion. However, do not advertise in your forum posts, or you will get banned from it.

To drive traffic to your website, you have to place a link of your website in your signature. Your signature will appear at the bottom of your posts, so every time you post valuable advice or comments, people will read it. They will then notice your website link and head on down to your website to find out more about you. Interesting isn’t it?

These three simple strategies is what you should focus on to generate traffic. Even successful Internet gurus implement these strategies, because they have been proven to get tons of traffic and sales. Do not look so far as to how to get traffic. It is not as complicated as most beginners in Internet marketing make it out to be.


Jo Han Mok is the author of the #1 international business bestseller, The E-Code. Unlock the code for unlimited online profits for yourself by visiting his website today at:

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Featured Writer – Michael Setyaputra

101 Ideas to Write About
In Your Money Making Blog

1. Your own goals and plans.
2. Introductions of the money making programs you have joined.
3. Nice introductions of some other blogs with the same theme.
4. Your own version of how to increase traffic.
5. How AdSense works.
6. How to syndicate your blog with RSS.
7. Opening an offer for a link exchange.
8. How bloggers make money from their blogs.
9. How Blog Carnivals works.
10. How to research keywords for better search engine optimization.
11. Holding your own contest.
12. How Technorati works.
13. Surprises you find happening to your blog during the week.
14. How to increase traffic through ezines.
15. What blog communities to join.
16. What money making programs you think are just scams.
17. Reports of your blog’s earnings.
18. If you buy a product or service, write a testimonial about it.
19. A list of directories to submit your blog to.
20. Start a poll to let your readers contribute to your blog.
21. Write an extensive list like this one that people can’t resist linking to.
22. What’s new about the money making ‘celebrities’.
23. What to do and not to do when starting a money making blog.
24. Once in a while, write something controversial about a product, an affiliate program, or even a good website.
25. If you just happened to have a baby, be totally excited about it in
your blog (ok, it might not be relevant, but it’s a good way to get
more sympathy from your readers.)
26. Tips on how to write better.
27. It’s important to be honest to your readers. If you’re not happy
with the way the money making goes, express it openly and let your
readers know.
28. What to do and not to do with traffic exchange programs.
29. What ‘Ping’ is and how it works.
30. If you have an especially loyal visitor, dedicate a whole post about him/her. And don’t ask for anything in return!
31. Write about the blogs that have mentioned yours.
32. If you’re starting another blog, tell your readers about it.
33. If you’ve been blogging for quite some time, start criticizing new blogs and point out what they’re doing wrong.
34. Your own version of saying that content is king.
35. How to optimize AdSense.
36. A bit on SEO advice.
37. Whenever it’s a holiday, take advantage to write something about it, but make sure it’s related to your money making topic.
38. Have an exchange of anything (other than link) every once in a
while. Ask your readers to do something and promise them you’ll do the
same. It could be anything from Digg to Technorati favorite exchange.
39. Any marketing tips.
40. Alternative ways to make money online.
41. Offer your readers to do a review of your blog.
42. Interview a fellow blogger through email and then post it in your blog.
43. Ebay tips.
44. Something interesting about the blogs you’ve just read.
45. Any informative knowledge on Page Rank.
46. If you have doubts about any new money making programs, tell your readers and have them back you up.
47. Something about not giving up.
48. How to do link baiting the right way.
49. Ways to increase Alexa rank.
50. How to find your niche.
51. Proofs of your earnings.
52. Give your readers a break and write about something hilarious even if it’s way off topic.
53. What viral marketing is and how it works.
54. How to put Technorati tags on your posts to increase your traffic.
55. Any tips and tricks on Blogger’s layout.
56. How to install a counter to your blog.
57. How to use Google Analytics.
58. An invitation to join your blog community.
59. If you’ve had a previously popular post, write about how you came up with the idea.
60. How to write and publish your own ebook.
61. Your stand on Agloco. Whether you join it or not, it’s always appropriate to write something about it.
62. Where and how to find inspirations.
63. How to get more people to subscribe to your RSS.
64. The importance of being original.
65. How to include your personality in everything you write about.
66. The fast way to get your blog indexed by Google and Yahoo.
67. How to drive more traffic to your blog by using video and podcasting.
68. How you can manage to find time writing for your blog in spite of your endless daily activities.
69. Whatever you’ve achieved with your blog, tell your readers how you managed to do it.
70. Tools to optimize your affiliate revenue.
71. How social bookmarking works.
72. How to write catchy headlines.
73. How you can use Flickr to increase traffic.
74. How to set up your own About Me page.
75. How to open your own digital store-front for free.
76. Why it’s important not to monetize your blog too soon.
77. Go look for some interesting downloads and share the links.
78. Brag about your achievement in a humorous way.
79. Where to get cool widgets for your blog.
80. Your thoughts on MLM.
81. How JV works.
82. A list of mistakes young blogs should avoid.
83. How to use news aggregators to find ideas.
84. The importance of having multiple streams of income.
85. How to participate in forums effectively.
86. How to use offline advertising to promote your blog.
87. Blatant pleads asking for donation. (Some people actually do this.)
88. Do some keyword research and share your findings.
89. Do a case study of a successful blog/website.
90. How to monetize your RSS feed.
91. How to create a Squidoo Lens.
92. How to optimize your blog for fast loading.
93. Tips on promoting your affiliate products using classified ads.
94. Tips on promoting your affiliate products using ezine articles.
95. How to know when it’s the right time to get your own domain.

96. How autoresponders work and how to set up a squeeze page.
97. If you receive an interesting comment, dedicate a new post about
it. It will encourage your readers to comment more creatively.
98. What you must not do to avoid getting banned by AdSense.
99. Curse spammers.
100. What to do and not to do with blog comments.
101. Create your own version of 101 ideas to write about.

Michael Setyaputra is the owner of
Join his journey as he scrambles to find ways to make money online.

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Featured Writer – Lynn VanDyke

How Businesses Can Use Video On Their Websites

When you’re trying to make an impression on the internet, making your website stand out is the most important task. While you could use the usual colorful graphics or an easy to use layout, many web surfers are looking for something new and exciting. Something that will capture their attention and keep it!

This is why video has become so important, as evidenced by various video sharing websites. When you include video on your business website, you can not only stand out from the rest of the crowd, but you will also be able to share information in a way that’s both interactive and compelling.

Training those that visit your site

If you’re in a business that provides specialized services, you may want to use video on your website as a way to educate your clients. By offering users the chance to see how to use your product or how to perform a certain action, you will be able to give them that in-person feeling, even if you’re not standing next to them. Clients like to feel as though you are helping them personally – and video allows you to do that.

Market to your clients

Another benefit of videos on your website is their marketing use. Since so many people are used to seeing commercials and other advertisements, the use of video on your website to advertise specials and lower prices will be something they expect to find.

You can change the video on a weekly basis or perhaps even more frequently, depending on your sales. If you have a television campaign as well, you will be able to showcase that video on your site to maintain consistency.

Personalize your business

Of course, if you’re a business that wants to stand out, videos are a great way to personalize your site. By offering site visitors a chance to see you or your product in action, you will be able to maintain more direct contact with your customers.

You can incorporate a specific jingle or set of images that they will be able to recognize and remember easily. You can also create a video that features an idea or storyline that will continue on, urging those that visit to come back to your site again and again to find out what happens next.

Create that expert appeal

Even more importantly is your ability to showcase your expert knowledge of your product or service. By offering videos that demonstrate this expertise, you will be able to show that you are the choice for potential customers. You can, for example, show why your product works as well as how it will benefit them in their everyday lives.

People like to see what they are buying and who is selling it to them. When you put videos on your website, you can stop the impersonal atmosphere of the internet and start reaching out to potential buyers. All of this adds up to higher traffic counts as well as profits.

Lynn VanDyke is an SBI certified webmaster. She is one of the fastest growing webmasters for entrepreneurs and small business owners needing to generate targeted traffic from search engines. Learn more about Lynn. Keyword Phrases: How Businesses Can Use Video on Their Websites, Webcasting, Web Video, Businesses Using Video, Video marketing, Video Streaming, Streaming Media, Video Hosting, Video Sales, Lynn VanDyke, SBI Certified Webmaster, HellowWorld, WebVideoZone has an excellent series of 8 videos that you can watch and apply to learn how to build your own niche information products to sell on your blog and website.  Forty-four videos are listed under the About page, which site boasts an impressive audio-visual library of free tutorials on a wide selection of related subjects.  I’ve already watched a number of these and quite frankly, I’ve already learned some essential how-to’s I’ve immediately been able to apply as tweaks to my blogs and websites.   Read More…